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August 30, 2019

How could I express my gratitude to SCHOOL WORX and encourage this organization to keep assisting students and parents in order to keep them safe and sound. My experience with SCHOOL WORX is awesome. I deeply appreciate their promptitude (which means a lot to me and indirectly expressed that they care and understand the need of safety), their teamwork and they are very organized compared to others on site.

I was blown away by their simplicity and hearty work. They didn't stop on hearing me out, they provided me some substantial help. I was trapped in financial hardship and I contacted them and let them know my needs. One of them is to provide school supplies to my son, they especially opened their office for me even though they were supposed to be close that day.

I highly appreciate that action for two main reasons:

  1. that kind of action helps the person in need feel heard and considered, which implies Acceptance.
  2. the result of the action fixed my anxiety and worry problems which implies Healing.

This is exactly what I experienced with SCHOOL WORX. In my case they made not only my day but my son’s life was helped.He chose his own backpack and school supplies. He couldn't wait to go to school and started school with joy and enthusiasm. Yes, you put a genuine smile on our face, and we couldn't ever forget what you did for us.

By the way, I'm Jessica and my son is Yoan Amouzou. Yoan is 10 years old and he is in 6th grade. He is very very intelligent and a very sweet boy. We live in Marin since 2017. I came from Ivory Coast, however my son was born in U.S. We moved to Marin seeking for safety. From career woman (business consultant) to disabled status, I'm working hard to boost myself back up and be useful to humanity again.
Please note that if there is any subvention or donation, think first to consider Marin SCHOOL WORX.





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