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Grace Caldwell

I have been part of giving to the community as a whole since before I could walk.  In fact my dad has a picture of me in a Baby Bjorn strapped to his chest while handing out bags of food to the homeless in San Francisco.

I now regularly participate in sock and warm clothing drives, and make dinners and lunches for people in need and help my dad and similarly minded friends of ours put together care packages to hand out to homeless encampments in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and even in San Rafael.

My brother and I save our money to donate to various causes. My favorite, outside of Wednesdays gift, which we have been a part of since I was born, is St. Jude’s. I feel so badly for those sick kids and would do anything to help them.

School Worx came about as a suggestion from our pastor Joe Everly of the Quest church , whom had just returned from Africa and told us about school children that desperately wanted to go to school but couldn’t because they couldn’t afford the cost of the uniform….The cost was something like $12.00.  Further he talked about what an education meant to these kids and their families. So we started talking about how to help, not just there, but here as well.

I go St. Patrick’s in Larkspur ca, and know what a gift and blessings it is to be able to attend this wonderful school, but also to be involved in sports and music and all of the other things my brother and I get to do that some other kids don’t…and we want to help change that.

Jack Caldwell

My Name is Jack Caldwell and I am 9.  I go to St Patrick’s in Larkspur and am in the fourth grade. I love to play basketball and Golf and am really good at math.  I am getting better at reading and  am learning about history as well.

My dad makes us make sandwiches and packages for the homeless people all over the place. We have to go to Costco and to Target to buy socks and toothpaste and soap, and food and all sorts of other stuff.  That part is fun as we get push great big carts and the people are pretty nice to us.

Putting all of that together into bags isn’t as much fun, but we usually have lots of help from my dad’s friends and other family members like Auntie Lisa, and Freddy and Larry, and of course my sister Grace.

Handing out the packages is sometimes a little scary as we go to places where people live under freeways.

I also give to people in my neighborhood and to people by my Dads office in San Rafael.

I want to help other kids go to school and play sports like me its super fun and if they work hard they can go to a good school and get a good job.

Lisa Norman

Lisa Norman has spent most of her 16 year career focused on pushing employers and clients forward, keeping them at the forefront of innovation within the real estate industry. She began her career as a sales and marketing assistant at John Aaroe in Los Angeles and has since been the head of strategy and marketing for some the country's largest real estate brands. An avid outdoors enthusiast and Bay Area native, Lisa thrives in an atmosphere that offers new challenges and opportunities each day.

Lisa is a founding member of 100Marin, Marin's first and only giving circle and donates her time to many local non-profits, Klaas Family Housing and a member of Heal the Bay in Santa Monica.

Freddy Watanabe

Freddy has been a Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Specialist the last 20 years servicing Marin. Sonoma and San Francisco. His attention to detail and unique understanding of the local real estate markets,banking and lending guidelines have helped countless clients meet their mortgage financing needs. The guiding principal of his successful lending career has been putting his client’s needs first Freddy’s personal life is based on the same ideas and principles.

Freddy always makes himself available to those less fortunate. His particular service passion in that regard has to been to focus on the homeless. He finds himself helping people daily, especially in his hometown of San Rafael.

Michael Caldwell

Michael is the principal Lawyer and owner of CALDWELL LAW FIRM in San Rafael and a Partner and co-founder of K& C INVESTMENTS INC., of Sacramento and San Rafael.

Through both endeavors Michael has been able to help people of all walks of life with all sorts of problems and or issues for over 30 years. When he became a parent his children joined forces and gave or helped in concert with Michael and many of the board members listed herein. Today Michael, Grace and Jack try to give daily of the 4T’s Time, Touch, Talent and Treasure in and around their given communities.

School Worx is another avenue to do just that, by providing school supplies, books, tutoring, uniforms, nutrition, music, drama, and athletic dues and equipment, and anything in-between , to the children and families of Marin and Sonoma counties.

1010 B Street Suite 328 | San Rafael, CA 94901

SCHOOL WORX is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

P: 415-991-5251

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