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SCHOOL WORX addresses the needs of school aged children and their families in an effort to support growth and learning while providing a wider base of experience to help each child compete in this ever changing world.

On Education

Americans with more education live longer, healthier lives. 

Education and good health are closely tied with income and opportunities and skills given to people in their communities. 

The health benefits of education include but are not limited to, better jobs and income.

On Teachers

School Worx not only supports students but we also aim to support the teachers in the classrooms. 

“Of all the things schools can give students to help them succeed, effective teachers are the best bet.” 
~ Center for Public Education

It is not an exaggeration to slay that a great teacher can change a student’s life.

On Students Families

“Intervening in the lives of disadvantaged children — by educating them better in school, helping their parents support them better at home, or ideally, some combination of the two — is the most effective and promising anti-poverty strategy we have.”
 ~ Helping Children Succeed, Paul Tough

School Worx’s mission is identifying and helping these families and children.

Did you Know?

Research shows that children who grow up poor are less likely to graduate from high school, attend higher education and have future economic success.

Summer and school breaks without the food program are a challenge for many children. According to the Children Now 2016 County Scorecard, only 87% of children eligible for free or reduced lunch are eating them during the summer. 

Based on data from Feeding America, nearly 19% of children (10,130 children) in Marin lived in homes where there was not a dependable, consistent resource to provide enough food for healthy growth. Only 45% of these children were eligible for nutrition programs.

Sonoma County

  • 183 schools
  • 70,940 students
  • 44% economically disadvantaged
  • 47% of students eligible for free and/or reduced meal programs

Marin County

  • 74 school
  • 34,000 students
  • 32.5% of children in Marin live in households with an income that is insufficient to meet the basic needs of the family an increase of 2.5% from 2013 (kidsdata).




Upcoming Needs, Events & Funding

We are in constant need of:

  • Sleeping bags and tents for families that have been displaced;
  • Gift cards for sports equipment
  • Funds for summer camps and or day care as summer is approaching
  • Used or new computers or laptops
  • Art Supplies
  • More events coming soon...


Recent Efforts

Here are some of the things SCHOOL WORX helped with or participated in:

  • Helped with clothing shoes and household goods for a family transitioning from homelessness;
  • Paid for washer and dyer for Day Shelter for homeless mothers and children;
  • Replaced a young man’s bike and main source of transportation to school;
  • Paid for a mother and sons car to be fixed;
  • Paid a portion of rent for young woman fighting cancer;
  • Helped Paradise fire victims with clothing, tents, food and gift cards;
  • Paid for the tires on a mother of 5’s car;
  • Multiple local handouts to SF, Oakland and Berkeley neighborhoods.

1010 B Street Suite 328 | San Rafael, CA 94901

SCHOOL WORX is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

P: 415-991-5251

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